The symbolic meaning of your entrance doors

While your entrance doors might present the concrete link between your house and the rest of the world, this is certainly not their only function. Entrance doors are, indeed, a physical border that separates the two spaces; however, their symbolic meaning might be even more important. The separation is thus not solely physical but involves some psychological components as well.

Your world versus the rest of the world – your entrance doors as a symbolic border.

Your home presents your safe space, a comfort zone where you can feel secure carefree and relaxed. The outside world, on the other hand, is vast and scary, but full of opportunity. Symbolically, the two worlds are connected by your entrance doors. Through your entrance doors, you can access your stress-free area. You can unwind there; recharge your batteries and take a bit of a rest until you tackle the adventures of the outside world. When you are bored with the safe, easy life, you can leave. You walk through your entrance doors again. This time, in the other direction. The challenges of the rest of the world are waiting for you. You are out of your comfort zone, facing the unknown and fearing the dangers it might present. Although this new world is intimidating, it also presents new challenges for you to take on. It is full of lucky circumstances, potentially amazing opportunities and chances for you to grow. You can be the big winner there, but you can also fall hard. When you get tired of the exiting but uneasy sensation, you can go ahead and pass through that entrance doors once more. The passage is open, allowing you to move away whenever you need to and to come back anytime – which is a very comforting idea if you think about it. Visit the website and choose you luxury entrance door.

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