The Liar Detector

It would be nice if we all were human liar detectors, able to find the smallest of falsehoods the second they left someone’s lips. Instead we have to use mechanical lie detectors that can be deadly match against an untrained subject. The sad part about this is that they’re not readily available. You can make your own, if you have the talent. The low-tech way of catching liars in their lies is to study them. Check these points and you’ll be on your way to becoming a professional liar detector.

Eye Contact:
Untrained liars tend to falter first here. You probably know the person you’re questioning pretty well so you should have an idea how they normally react when you ask them simple questions. If they’re lying to you, they will generally not meet your gaze, opting to look down or away from you. Watch the eyes for the first sign of lies.

Body Language:
There are other physical signs that someone is lying besides what you can tell from the eyes. People can become restless when under scrutiny, resulting in twitchy or erratic physical movements. Perhaps they might suddenly try and busy themselves so that they can get away from looking directly at you. Lie detectors can’t usually tell body movement, but you should be able to!

Telling a lie once is easier than telling it over a second time. If you pick up on subtle changes in the story, make sure to find out why things have changed.

The Pause:
Think of someone giving a speech. The use of “um’s” an “ah’s” are generally a way to fill an awkward gap of silence that’s born from not knowing what’s coming next. A lot of pauses can signal they’re trying to think on their feet to cover up. Beware the liar detector lapse!

A good liar detector like you should be able to pick up on the smoke screen. This is the defensive maneuver that looks to put the ball back in your court. Instead of answering your questions, they might dodge and accuse you of failure to trust or to become angry or aggressive. A passionate stand does not a truth make. Find the lies hidden in the irrational reverse attack!

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