Broad Strokes Make for Better Dating Profiles

Pictures and titles will immediately catch the roving eyes of people who are perusing the singles friend section, but it is the content of your profile that will give the best indication of who you actually are. As human beings, we’re far too complicated to have our entire lives and personalities captured in a couple… Continue reading Broad Strokes Make for Better Dating Profiles

The Liar Detector

It would be nice if we all were human liar detectors, able to find the smallest of falsehoods the second they left someone’s lips. Instead we have to use mechanical lie detectors that can be deadly match against an untrained subject. The sad part about this is that they’re not readily available. You can make your… Continue reading The Liar Detector

Signs of Flirting

Flirting is a natural part of human relations. It’s the subtle way we tell other humans we’re interested in them without stating it directly. Flirtation can be signaled by your body language by the way that you stand to address someone, the way you play with your hair in the middle of a discussion or… Continue reading Signs of Flirting