Signs of Flirting

Flirting is a natural part of human relations. It’s the subtle way we tell other humans we’re interested in them without stating it directly. Flirtation can be signaled by your body language by the way that you stand to address someone, the way you play with your hair in the middle of a discussion or by reaching out and making slight contact with another person. A flirt can also signal intent with words, by the phrases and intonations used while conversing. The eyes are perhaps the most powerful way to communicate interest, conveying volumes of information in a simple, momentary glance. Mastery of the finer points of this classic form of social interaction will undoubtedly lead to landing more dates!
The way you sit, stand, lean or move can say a lot about your intentions when it comes to flirting. The study of body language shows that normally if you’re interested in someone, your body will directly face them, shoulders pointed squarely at the target of your desires. Another sign is to lean in towards the person you’re speaking with. It says you want to get closer to them and you’re interested in what they have to say. One common tell for a women is if she plays with her hair or neck while chatting with someone. Now it may not always be the case that this is a certain sign of interest, but it could signal nervousness, brought on by interest, or her desire to call attention to her physical attributes. There are plenty of body language signs, so brushing up on them will certainly help you become a better flirt.
“Mastery of these three areas will help your achieve success with your efforts in flirtation.”
Flirting by use of words can be a more overt way to signal interest. Think of some of the more common phrases associated with showing interest. Do you come here often? That’s one of the more common questions men or women can casually pass off to the person they’re standing next to at a bar that clearly states intention. It’s important, though, to differentiate between flirtatious phrases and pick-up lines. Pick up lines are direct and aggressive while flirtation is more refined.
Intonation is important when trying to convey your message of interest. In broadcasting, you’re taught to smile when you talk because people can hear it in your voice. You don’t have to smile when you’re flirting, although it couldn’t hurt, but the key here is to ensure you come across as warm, friendly and interested. Flirtation fundamentals rely heavily on what you say and the way in which it’s said.
Eye contact is perhaps the most important weapon in your repertoire when it comes to showing signs of interest. Think about those glances between characters in movies, or perhaps a look you have experienced yourself at a party or while out on the town. You get that funny feeling you’re being watched and eventually lock eyes with a stranger on the far side of the room. It’s momentary and you look away wondering what just happened. You look back and they’re looking at you again—but this time they smile. It’s important to not overdo it. You don’t want to stare at someone endlessly. That’s not flirtation. That’s just scary.
Mastery of these three areas will help your achieve success with your efforts with flirtation.

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