Sewage Cleanup

A major sewage spill in your home or business (or even a minor one) can be a serious problem, and not just for all the reasons that you might expect, but rather a few that aren’t. The offensive smell is obviously going to be a problem, but there is also the gross factor to contend with, as well as the harmful agents deposited into your property, including bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other dangerous contaminants, many of which may cause some serious discomfort if exposed to or ingested by your family members or pets.
Unlike “regular” water damage, any surface or item that is exposed to sewage should be considered contaminated, and as such they will require extensive and specialized cleaning before they can be deemed safe. Even smaller sewage spills are perfectly capable of creating dangerous conditions that will require the services of a professional in Water damage Carrollton. is here to make certain that all of your sewage backup issues are correctly cleaned up and remediated. The dirty sewage water will be removed, all affected surfaces dried out, and then we perform all of the necessary treatments that are required in order to make sure that no remnants of the problem remain. All of our work is fully guaranteed, and this means that you will know the job has been done right and with first rate results.
The cleanup, repair, and restoration following sewage backup and related damage is an extremely hazardous job that should always be performed by a professional, namely the pros at 911 Restoration. The reason is simple; we are familiar with all of the various steps that are needed, and the correct order in which they occur in order for your home or business to be fully restored to its original pre-loss condition. Exposure to sewage may mean some potentially serious health concerns, and to that end we treat this sort of job as a certified bio-hazard, with all the proper equipment, procedures, and protective gear.
We are a full service provider, which basically means that we are able to handle every aspect of your sewage damage problem beginning to end, even in the largest and most severe cases of sewage spills and overflows. Whether it is a minor toilet malfunction affecting a portion of one room, or a major backflow vale malfunction that results in damage to several areas or multiple level of the home, we offer the same day emergency response that puts us several steps ahead of our competition working in the same area. We are the go-to authority for all things related to water damage, and this includes sewage removal and remediation.
Staffed with the finest technicians the restoration industry has to offer, offering first rate customer service, and providing the best guarantee in the business, the end result will be a first class job well done, one that you can feel good about. We will do everything we can to keep the disruption of your normal routine to a minimum, and have you back enjoying life as you know it as soon as possible.

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