Reasons Why You should not Use Google Adwords

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Google adwords are services for advertising that are offered by Google to companies who want to present adverts on Google advertising networks. The Google adwords program offers an option for the business to determine a budget it will use on advertising; they will pay if a person clicks on the advert. However, Google adwords has its disadvantages and here are reasons as to why you should not use them.

Firstly you will have to pay for clicks; hence you are required to pay as per the clicks. Before this form of payment was not an issue as it was affordable and reasonable. Thou nowadays a company that is new will have to pay $5 so that people can have a visit to their website. Your advert will appear on the top of the Google page and many people will visit your advert but that does not necessarily give you assurance of having customers. Once there have been a click, the pay has to be made to Google whether you have made a sale or not.

Second, competing with big companies is hard; adwords are usually incline on the expensive part making it difficult for small startup businesses to be in a position to compete with the companies that can pay more. Third, Google adwords has limited characters, there are only few characters you can use on them most characters are not allowed. The limitation makes it hard and challenging for you to create explanatory lines and display URL.

Fourth, any mistake will heavily cost you, in case your ads are not switched off by mistake, then the client ends up wasting a lot of money. If you have any spelling mistake and you end up neglecting your page, you are penalized by Google.if you have neglected your page or you have a spelling mistake you will be penalized.Google wants high quality products so that it can offer high quality services so no mistakes are tolerated. Google adwords do not fit in every market so before deciding to investing in it, it would be wise to do a research for clarity on your audience.

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