New technologies for the safety of our home – fingerprint doors

With the technology on the rise in every single field in our lives it is not strange that it has made its way into our homes, more accurately into protecting our homes. Fingerprint doors are the latest trend among safety precautions and the most popular among people because of its simplicity and functionality. The best thing about fingerprint door is that you do not need the key. You will never have the problem of getting into your home if you forgot where you put them or lost them. All you need to enter is one of your fingers. This also comes in handy if you have a load of groceries in your hands and cannot reach for the keys in your pocket – just simply touch the sensor on the fingerprint doors and you are in.

How do fingerprint doors work

The fingerprint doors usually come with a sensor installed somewhere near the knob. The first time you use it, your fingerprint will be saved into memory automatically. Of course that does not mean that you are the only one who can unlock the fingerprint doors. Different models have different capacities, some even allow over one hundred users so your family and people you trust can enter your home without your presence. However, the safety does not stop there. Alongside the fingerprint you also have an option to choose your own pin code. These two combinations, fingerprint and a pin code, are considered one of the highest forms of security. You are also given two back-up keys in case you forget your pin code and therefore cannot enter your home. All in all, the technology is invading every aspect of our lives. However, sometimes it can make our lives much easier as in the case of fingerprint doors. Click here for more information.

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