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WordPress themes are files that create a design on a WordPress site. There are different themes to choose from so that the site owner can have a theme that he or she wants.

There are many reasons to having a WordPress site. A couple of reasons is to create a unique look to your site, to be able to take advantage of the wordpress templates, to be able to change the look of the site you have, and to be able to alternate wordpress templates for specific features on your site. There are also many benefits to having a theme. It makes it so you don’t have to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP to have a nice looking website. It lets you make fast changes of your website design. It also separates the template files and presentation files from the system files so when the site needs to upgrade it can do so without changing much of your visual presentation on your website.

You will find that the themes on WordPress usually consist of three types of files besides JavaScript files and images. They are: the optional functions file, wordpress templates files, and the stylesheet. The easiest one is the child theme. This theme only includes a style file and images. Stylesheet guidelines follows the CSS coding standards. Functions file is in the theme sub directory. It is like a plugin and is used for different things such as enabling theme features like custom backgrounds and sidebars and to set up an options menu so that the website owner can choose different styles and colors for your theme. Template files are an output as HTML. Some of the theme files that you will find on the template files list are style.css, comments.php, home.php, tag.php, date.php, attachment.php, and image.php. Their are basic templates for those who want to be simplistic. They are style and index. Both of these categories go into the theme directory. The index file is flexible. It can be used as a reference for the header, content, search, and more. The usually ones that you will see are for the comments, sidebar, header, and footer.

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