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The Internet is among the most powerful resources ever invented by humans. With the immense possibilities that the Internet presents, most businesses are going online to market their products, perform market research, and sell their products and services. Through their websites, businesses have been able to do all this. But with competition being ever present, companies require the necessary tools to analyze and understand how their website is performing, the response by clients, and learn a thing or two from their competitors. Such tools are web analytics. Before getting a web analytics tool, it is important to know what it does first. The reason for this is that there are tools for clickstream, experimentation and testing, competitive intelligence, and voice of customer. This article will mention some tools. These tools include:

1. Google Analytics

This analytics tool is free and therefore, you do not need to pay a dime for it. This tool is categorized under clickstream. It is used for generating detailed data about visitors to your site. Loved for being straightforward and robust, this tool has 50% usage in the top 10,000 websites on planet earth. Google Analytics shows you details such as your visitor’s activities on your site, where they come from, and their frequency of visiting your site, among others.

2. Complete (

Being a competitive intelligence analytics tool, Complete gives you detailed information on the sites or places your visitors visited or clicked before visiting your website. This tool also offers you an opportunity to track the keywords that are bringing traffic to your websites, and the ones that are doing the same to your competitors. However, for this tool, you have to part ways with some money.

3. Google Website Optimizer

This tool is another great and free one from Google. Google Website Optimizer allows you to experiment or rotate content on your site and thus find out the ones that lead to increased traffic and thus sales. Though it is more complex than described here, this tool is a great experimentation and testing tool.

4. Kissinsights

Kissinsights implements and customizes feedback on questions that your customers frequently ask. Costing only $29 per month, this is a great voice of customer tool.
With a lot that these tools can do, be sure to implement them as your web analytics tools.

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