Enjoy The Benefits Of Ski Training Year Round With The PRO Ski Simulator

The PRO Ski Simulator is an exercise machine that provides individuals a way to do ski training at home before they hit the slopes. The device accurately simulates ski carving to provide a full body workout. In just ten minutes, users receive a workout that simulates three to five slope descents with no time needed to set up for the next run.

Users can work on their form and learn proper placement and movement of knees, elbows and the entire body. The machine provides an effective way to work on balance, which decreases the risk of injuries to soft tissues, muscles, tendons and joints. Professional and amateur athletes of all ages can improve coordination and endurance with simple exercises that will make it easier to navigate the slopes safely.


Users can easily adjust travel and load in minutes by removing or adding elastic bands on the bottom of the machine. Skiers can work on their turns while increasing muscle mass. They will learn how to use the poles and improve technique for maximum acceleration. Even individuals who do not ski can utilize ski training on the Pro Ski Simulator to increase leg strength while toning the thighs, buttocks and hips.