Commonly Practiced Ski Exercises

Skiing workout

Skiing is a popular winter sport that however requires a lot of physical fitness. In fact, the likelihood of a skier getting hurt increases considerably as his fitness level drops. To enjoy the encounters of racing down a mountain, one has to be agile. Ski exercises are a great way of staying in good shape. Simple workouts such as legs and knees exercises greatly improve a skier’s agility.

Knees exercises
Ski exercises are intended for the knees and legs. Common exercises for the knees include squats and lunges. For the legs, hamstring curls and calve raises are the standard ones.

Squats are regarded as the “king of exercises”, as they are viewed to be the most effective and fastest way to strengthen and build muscles around the knees. Strong knees are essential during skiing. Its major implication is that it makes one’s torso more flexible, which is essential in skiing. This workout should be given a priority among the ski exercises.

Lunges, as part of routine ski exercises, helps strengthen and build up muscles within the glutes, hamstrings and quads. They are also essential when one needs to focus more on certain muscle groups. At this stage the glutes may get overworked particularly when a long and more extended lunge is used. On the other hand, shorter lunges centre more on hamstrings and quads.

Legs exercises
Hamstring curls are ski exercises that keep the hamstring tendons toned and stretched. Simply put, they prevent the legs from getting fatigued while skiing. This workout can be done by using a weight bench whose bottom has been attached to a curl machine. It can also be done while sitting, lying in a prostrate position or while standing. A method of doing the exercise is by sliding the knees beneath the grip of the curl machine while lying down.

On the other hand, calve raises enable the legs to withstand applied forces therefore minimising chances of fatigue and injury. Free weights such as a barbell can be used while doing the calve raises — especially when seated.

Generally, carrying out ski exercise tremendously strengthens and builds up muscles around the knees and legs.

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