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Finding and booking cheap flights to Ljubljana has become increasingly popular, as more holidaymakers discover the charms of the city of Ljubljana and the small country of Slovenia. Slovenia’s capital has a lively vibe to it, boasts several excellent museum, and has a charming old town, with many of the medieval buildings now home to cafes, bars and shops. Ljubljana makes a convenient base to explore the mountains, lakes and historic towns and cities in the rest of Slovenia, especially as the airport is almost in the country’s geographical centre.

The website of Slovenia’s national carrier is one of the best places to find cheap flights to Ljubljana, and Adria Airways has over a half century of experience. Ljubljana is a major hub for the region, with flights to many other destinations in southern Europe. The major business centres of Europe are also well served, with regular service to Frankfurt, Brussels, London and other key destinations. Adria Airways is also a member of the Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance, offering service to just about anywhere in the world.

The airline’s website regularly has great flight deals and discounts, although there are also other ways to find cheap flights to Ljubljana. Booking as far ahead as possible, avoiding major holidays and peak travel times, and flying midweek are all strategies for finding the lowest airfare; however, often buying your plane ticket close to departure can pay off too. Because Adria’s route network within Europe is so extensive, another strategy for saving money on airfare is to fly into another airport close by; for example, look at flying into Brussels instead of Paris, This strategy can save you money, but also gives you an excuse to see as much of Europe as possible on your trip.

Regardless of where you are flying, taking cheap flights to Ljubljana allows you to experience excellent in flight service, as well as the services of an airline with one of the industry’s best safety records. Get your calendar out, navigate to the airline’s easy to use website and plan your next business trip or holiday today.

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