A Glimpse into the World of Digital Marketing

Each year, the world’s population gains access to faster and more efficient gadgets that can be used to carry out multiple tasks. While this is helps consumers to carry out daily tasks with ease, it also provides an avenue for companies to advertise different products and services. This is a great example of digital marketing. So, what is digital marketing? This kind of marketing can be defined as the use of electronic devices to create awareness, trust and demand for different products and services. Digital advertising has been around for decades but with a greater proportion of people spending more time on electronic devices, it has gained a lot of momentum in the last decade.

Digital marketing can be classified into different categories. The first ever means of digital marketing was the radio. Traffic jams have become the order of the day in most urban areas and to minimize the boredom caused by these traffic jams, most people turn on their radios and enjoy their favorite shows or music. Tapping radio advertising is a great way to reach different consumer niches all over the world. The other form of digital advertising is television advertising. In between soap operas, documentaries, comedy shows, educational programs and other TV programs, a lot of advertising goes on. The third category of digital marketing is phone marketing. Every adult has a cell phone and they carry this with them wherever they go. This device enables different brands to reach clients at the most convenient times. For example, advertising foods and drinks over lunch hour or around dinner time increases orders from restaurants and fast foods. Social media marketing mostly falls under phone advertising since most people use their phones to access the social media sites.

Comparing different digital advertising and marketing channels, phone marketing is one of the cheapest, most convenient and highly targeted form of advertising. This kind of advertising is ideal for brands that do not have huge marketing budgets. It is also most appropriate for brands that target the young people since they spend more time on their phones and tablets. Radio advertising and marketing is ideal for items that do not necessarily require visual enhancements. It may also be used by advertisers to help clients visualize the products or services in their won subjective ways- according to their needs and how the products can help them in meeting their needs. Television advertising creates a great visual effect and is mostly used by well established brands since it is the most expensive of the three categories. While a brand can choose on medium, it is advisable to use a combination of all media to ensure wider coverage and a more thorough approach to advertising.

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